A Momentous Occasion

That first Christmas, a little over 2000 years ago, changed everything. It split all of human history. Nothing in this world is as it was because of the birth of this Child. Every year at Christmas time, literally millions of people all over the world gather together on Christmas Eve to mark this day as special, as sacred. The birth of Jesus truly was a catalyst for this old world, and it changed everything.

A Unified People

Great Lakes Church is a diverse church with nearly twenty nations represented. We have a vision to represent Jesus to the Troy region and to the nations. While it’s true that we are diverse in our background, we tend to think more of each other as family. We believe God is doing something special at Great Lakes Church and we would like to invite you to be a part of it!

A Vibrant Church

We are a life-giving and contemporary church in the Troy, Michigan area. We have a great cross-section of age groups at Great Lakes Church. We range from nursery age to folks who have been around awhile. Our twenty and thirty something age group is also very involved in the inner workings of our church. Our forty and fifty somethings are actively engaged in every area of our church too. Truly, young and old alike make up what makes Great Lakes Church great. We often hear “this is family” when people first walk into our church. We truly believe God is doing something amazing in our day, and that, He is using the local church to accomplish it!

A Love for Community

We long to be an active and integral part of Troy. We believe God placed us here and thus we are to pray for and work toward the end of a city that is blessed by us and by God. Our Christmas Eve service is a gift to our community! We sincerely offer our most genuine invitation to you and your family! Come celebrate Christmas with us!

Please be our guests at Great Lakes Church this Christmas Eve at 3PM.